Friday, June 13, 2008

Prosper Learning Success Stories - Prosper Learning Student Learning A Lot

I have updated my Cash Flow chart and have an accelerator margin of $297. I'm still not sure how except that I had to take larger dividends from the company to pay for a large car expense and property taxes for our vacation property. And then there was the holiday and Christmas coming up.

Our goals are that we are financially independent by 2012. We will have at least 5 investment properties and on our way to having a fully funded retirement fund. To get there I am learning how to monitor my expenses and income from the Prosper learning system so that I have more control of where my money is going and where I need to cut expenses. It is a daily activity. I am learning a lot about investing that I did not know before and am starting to feel more confident to move forward and actually begin. I am also learning that for this to work, I have to stay very focused on our goals and let nothing get in the way, which is not an easy thing to do, but first we have to pay off our son's student loan and now a VERY large credit card bill.

Rindy & Jim C.

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